Okay, so this is my short essay on the presidential election! It isn’t done yet but tell me what you think please!! It’s an informal essay too!

The last few times I have watched the news, I have noticed that political candidates tend to attack each other in order to gain votes. I believe that they focus more on saying what the other person has done wrong, other than saying what they’re going to do to fix it. The pressure of winning and getting votes will most likely cause the person to bring out the bad side of them. Something as strong as a presidential election definitely comes with the pressure of trying to make a whole country happy. Of course, it’s impossible to make the whole country happy, so the candidates will do everything in their power to at least win over a majority, which results in the commercials of trying to bring down the other candidate.

                I think the age group this particular problem focuses on is people who can vote, so anyone over the age of 18. The problem mostly occurs on the news and during commercials when the candidates are trying to reach their views out to people and television is the easiest way during this day and age. Politics is a very heated subject, and when people are around other people who share the same views, they tend to start attacking the other party to make themselves feel better. The same reason is why candidates attack each other in their commercials so people will see that what they’re doing is better, and they will vote for them.

                A solution to this problem could be that candidates/supporters could talk more about what they’re going to do rather than attack the other person. Bringing down the opposing candidate in commercials and speeches has been going on for decades, but what started it? Anyone can talk bad about another person, but why can’t the candidates just talk about themselves during commercials? I think it would be a lot more promising if you tell the country what you’ll do to help them. It’ll be a lot easier and less stressful if they talk positively rather than negatively. I don’t think people want a president who talks bad about another person, I know I wouldn’t. 

  1. owanaminapotter said: Are you allowed to use the word “I”? Because my teachers always tell me (every year) that when writing a persuasive or informal essay, you should never use “I”, “me” or “my” Strictly fact based and all that :P But so far so good!
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